Qidiruv natijasi (1364 yozuvlar.)

Руководство к естественной исторiи  

И. Ф. Блуменбах

Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

The eye-witnesses' account of the disastrous russian campaign against the Akhal Tekke Turcomans


Visits to High Tartary, Yarkand and Kashgar, and Return Journey Over the Karakoram Pass  


Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

History of Afghanistan, from the earliest period to the outbreak of the war of 1878

B. M.George

Northern Afghanistan or Letters from the Afghan Boundary Commission

Ch. E.Yate

Von kaiserlichen Kriegsrechten  


Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

Clouds in the East: Travels and Adventures on the Perso-Turkman Frontier


The Russians at Merv and Herat, and their power of invading India


Translations of the Khalid-i-Afghani the text book for the Pakkhto Examination. Part 1

T. Ch. Plowden

10. Batafsil


Böhtlingk O.