Qidiruv natijasi (2272 yozuvlar.)

Clouds in the East: Travels and Adventures on the Perso-Turkman Frontier


The Russians at Merv and Herat, and their power of invading India


Translations of the Khalid-i-Afghani the text book for the Pakkhto Examination. Part 1

T. Ch. Plowden


Böhtlingk O.

Allyrien und Babylonien nach den neuesten Entdeckungen


Campaigning on the Oxus, and the fall of Khiva

J.A. MacGahan

Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan, & Turkistan, to Balk, Bokhara, and Herat; and a visit to Great Britain and Germany  

М. Lal

Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

Central Asian questions  


Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

Turkistan  Vol. II

E. Schuyler

Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

10. Batafsil

Annotated English Translation of Khwab o Khiyal or "Visions of the past" the text-book  

D.C. Phillott

Национальная библиотека Узбекистана