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History of Afghanistan, from the earliest period to the outbreak of the war of 1878

B. M.George

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Northern Afghanistan or Letters from the Afghan Boundary Commission

Ch. E.Yate

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Von kaiserlichen Kriegsrechten  


Национальная библиотека Узбекистана

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Clouds in the East: Travels and Adventures on the Perso-Turkman Frontier


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The Russians at Merv and Herat, and their power of invading India


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Translations of the Khalid-i-Afghani the text book for the Pakkhto Examination. Part 1

T. Ch. Plowden

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Böhtlingk O.

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Allyrien und Babylonien nach den neuesten Entdeckungen


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Campaigning on the Oxus, and the fall of Khiva

J.A. MacGahan

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Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan, & Turkistan, to Balk, Bokhara, and Herat; and a visit to Great Britain and Germany  

М. Lal

Национальная библиотека Узбекистана